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The biggest hotel chain of Paraíba, Nord Hotels specialized in hotel management and administration. We offer high quality services in administration, sales and management of hotels and aparthotels within Brazil. A team of qualified professionals with years of experience work daily to provide long lasting solid results to our guests and investors alike. Currently the group has hotels in several parts of Paraíba state, all of them offering high quality stays to its guests. We offer three options for your stay in our Luxxor, Class and Easy brands. Their prices and services differ, but all of them share excelent locations and guest support wether you're on a business trip or travelling for your leisure.

Mission statement

To be a leader in the national hotel administration industry, building itself as model of excellence, profitability and transparency, boosting its assets and effects. In order to satisfy: clients, investors, action holders, service providers and employees. In an ethical and sustainable way.

Vision statement

To be a brand that combines long-term vision, social responsibility, environmental sustainability, innovation and profitability, consolidating itself as a standard of excellence, profitability and transparency in hotel administration.


  • Ethics (Conduct based on such principles as honesty, integrity and respect for the Law akin to our attitudes during business and networking relations)
  • Client satisfaction (Win the loyalty of our customers through the perception of superiority and value of our brands).
  • Respecting people (Development of opportunities focusing on satisfaction and pride in belonging)
  • Profitability (To hold the best share of the current market, guided by ethics and transparency, boosting our assets and effects)
  • Sustainability (Integrate socio-environmental commitment with our growth and improvement)

Nord in Numbers

With professionalism and transparency we offer excellency in our services to investors and guests alike. At Nord Hotels you are going to find the best stay for your trip.
8 Excellent Hotels

divided between luxurious, midclass and economical brands.

200 Fully trained employees

ready to offer the best travel experience during your stay.

600.000 Satisfied customers

that fell in love with our hotels and Paraíba, our home

Our Services

As the leading company in hotel management and administration we offer our customers high quality services with a focus on achieving results. We provide services to those beggining their hotel from the ground up and for those with a well established building including market research, viability studies, internal and external auditorship, development of architectural concepts, implementation, administration, sales & booking and training & management of employees. We also guarantee to our guests a memorable experience when they book one of our hotels by providing free wi-fi in all areas, free breakfast for all brands, except Nord One, and excellent customer support.


Providing excellent service to our customers is our top priority and for this very reason we are in a constant search for innovation inside the market in order to offer our investors high-performance hotels at minimal expenses. Our accomplished team of workers is made of the finest and most talented graduates in the business to ensure that our collective body of knowledge is transformed into satisfaction to our customers. The marketing and sales department is formed by a team of accomplished professionals working in promotional actions and market positioning whose active search for innovation transmit into great success performance and quality service.

Our Hotels

We have hotels to cater to your every need. Nord Luxxor, as the name says, are for those who want the utmost refinement and luxurious accomodations. Nord Class is our mid range brand with comfortable hotels and great service. Nord Easy offers its guests economical hotels with a practical and modern atmosphere.
Luxury hotels with exclusive services, ellegant ambiance and sophisticated apartments for a stay full of refinement
Modern and accessible low-cost hotels for a pleasant stay
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