Paraiba state has three big geographical zones with different climates and sceneries, the coastal, agreste and sertão zones.
Our coast is renowned for its beautiful sea cliffs, coconut fields and white sandy beaches whose main characteristics are its calm warm waters. One specific characteristic of the sea surrounding our capital city is the absence of big animals like sharks and dolphins, this is due to a reef formation surrounding the whole region making travel by boat a difficult ordeal, but making it the perfect spot to bathers and swimmers.
The agreste region, a transitional zone between the sea and the deserted sertão, is dominated by the Borborema Plateau, a confluence of hills of different sizes and cool climate, the ideal place for people who enjoy a good wine and mountainous landscapes.
The sertão region is located at the great brazilian desert whose main characteristics are its flora, called caatinga, full of beatiful cacti and its climate, hot and dry year round, the perfect conditions for archeological sites, which the region has many.

Discover beatiful beaches, great plateaus, and gorgeous natural landscapes

João Pessoa

One of the oldest cities in Brazil, founded in 1585, this capital city has hidden cultural and environmental treasures still not explored by most travelers. 24 km of coast full of touristic sites like its famous beaches, forts, lighthouses and coral reefs.

Agreste & Sertão

The state countryside is a popular destination for those who enjoy popular festivities and traditional culture. Campina Grande is the main ciy within the whole region and is celebrated for housing the biggest Saint John's party in the world every june.

Southern Coast

Also known, in portuguese, as Costa do Conde, this region houses several beaches that are well-known for their white sand, sea cliffs and native vegetation.


Several handicraft markets sell goods depicting the daily life of people, working, dancing the local musical style, Forró, or even drinking cachaça


One of our stronger points, the main ingredients of our region are cassava, corn, sun-dried meat, pumpkin, crab, shrimp, cashew and coconuts.

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